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Angelica Teixeira Workout Routine

Angelica's Workout
"I don't really have a workout program," she says. "I train the way I feel like training that day. I never repeat a workout — every day I do something different to keep challenging the muscle. When I'm prepping for a show, I do four sets of 15 to 20 reps with less weight to bring more definition. When I'm in the offseason, I do three sets of 10 to 12 reps with heavier weight to work on building muscle."

Day 1 - Glutes 
Day 2 - Shoulders and abs 
Day 3 - Hamstrings 
Day 4 - Back and biceps
Day 5 - Glutes and hamstrings
Day 6 - Chest and triceps   

Angelica Teixeira's Off-Season Workout Schedule
Monday - Glutes
Tuesday - Shoulders and Abs
Wednesday - Hamstrings and Legs
Thursday - Back and Biceps
Friday - Glutes and Hamstrings
Saturday - Chest, Triceps and Abs
Sunday - Rest
Note: Teixeira does 20 minutes of cardio six days a week after strength training.

Angelica Teixeira

Angelica Teixeira showing off

Angelica Teixeira posing