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Ann Titone Workout Routine And Diet

Monday: Back
1) Chins: 4x8
2) Lat pulldowns: 4x12
3) Incline cable rows: 3x12
4) Regular cable low rows: 3x12
5) Barbell rows: 3x12
6) Hyperextensions: 3x25

Tuesday: Legs
1) Squats: 2x15, 2x10, 1x8
2) Leg Press: 3x12
3) Lunges: 5x20
4) Leg ext: 4x15
5) Leg Curls: 4x12, superset with hamtracker, 4x12
6) Stiff-leg deadlifts with a slight bend 3x12

Wednesday: Arms/abs
1) Weighted dips: 4x15, superset with incline DB curls (4x15)
2) Dip machine: 4x15, superset with preacher curls (4x15)
3) Rope pushdowns: 4x15, superset with cable curls (3x15)
4) Kickbacks: 4x15, superset with hammer curls (3x15)
Knee-ups: 4x20
Weighted leg raises: 3x20
Cable crunches: 3x25
Regular crunches to finish: 3x20

Thursday: Shoulders/Chest
1) Behind the neck press: 4x12
2) Dumbbell press: 4x12
3) Smith machine press: 3x10
4) Side laterals: 3x15
5) Reverse pec deck for rears: 3x15

1) Incline bench: 4x12 superset with incline flyes 4x15.

Friday: Back again

Saturday: Legs again

Sunday: Shoulders again/abs

Contest Diet: High protein low carb

Morning: Protein shake and 50 grams of oatmeal.
Mid-Morning: Chicken breast 30 grams of oatmeal.
Afternoon: Green salad, Chicken breast and an apple.
Mid-Afternoon: chicken breast, Baked potato.
Dinner: green salad, Chicken breast.
Before Bed: Protein shake.
All Day: I drink Tea unsweetened.

Ann Titone posing

Ann Titone posing in a bikini